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diamond cuts and shapes For jewelers looking for well-cut round brilliant diamonds, it's as easy as finding a good and consistent supplier.  But those who are looking for well-made fancy cuts may find that buying brand-name diamonds is the way to go.  Brand-name diamonds are more consistent than non-branded diamonds, which means that jewelers don't have to spend lots of time sorting through parcels to find well-cut diamonds, nor do they have to waste time returning diamonds that are unacceptable.

If you are looking for a unique and different cut, branded diamonds are known for their distinctive cuts and faceting patterns.  Some brand names sell lab-grown and treated diamonds in addition to natural diamonds, so it's important to judge and examine branded diamonds as you would generic diamonds.

Following is a list of popular diamond brands.  These manufacturers don't sell to the public, but you can find their diamonds through retail stores.

  • Ashoka® by William Goldberg.  This branded diamond is a type of cushion cut with a rectangular girdle outline and rounded corners.  It has 62 facets, and comes in colors that range from D to K.
  • Barocut™ by Baroka Creations.  This is a rectangular cut in which it appears that two hearts meet in the middle.  It is available in sizes from 20 points and up, and has 81 facets.
  • Corona™ by Fourever Concept.  This is a square cut known for its brilliance.  It comes in sizes that range from 0.05 carats to 2 carats, and has a total of 65 facets.
  • Crisscut® by Christopher Designs.  Crisscut® diamonds are step-cut in several basic shapes.  They have crisscrossed facets and are usually sold as solitaires.
  • Royal Brilliant® by EXRoyal.  Because it has 10 double bezel facets and 10 pavilion mains, this 82-facet round brilliant has patterns of 10 hearts and 10 arrows, instead of the usual eight.
  • Tycoon Cut® by Tycoon Cut.  Known as "the only diamond with the diamond on top," the top center facet of this diamond is in the shape of a diamond.  It is rectangular in shape, with 24 facets on the pavilion and nine on the crown.

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